Picture of Akane

Akane Kawamura

Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow
BHF CRE Senior Fellow in Medicinal Chemistry

Present Members


Picture of Louise

Louise Walport

Cancer Research UK
Picture of Tom

Tom McAllister

British Heart Foundation
Picture of Cyrille

Cyrille Thinnes

Cancer Research UK
Originally from Luxembourg, Cyrille came to Oxford to read for an MChem in chemistry. During this time he conducted research in inelastic neutron scattering with Prof. Bruce Hudson at Syracuse University, as well as NMR spectroscopy with Prof. John Roberts at California Institute of Technology. His final-year project with Dr Angela Russell and Prof. Edith Sim focused on diagnostic tools for breast cancer. He was then awarded a CRUK-funded scholarship in Medicinal Chemistry for Cancer which included study the areas of protein-protein interactions with Prof. Andrew Hamilton, as well as 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenases with Prof. Chris Schofield. Cyrille stayed with Chris to complete his DPhil in Chemical Biology, exploring applications of chemistry to the areas of epigenetics, the hypoxic response, and ribosomal oxygenases. At the same time, he conducted research in strategy and innovation for open-innovation drug discovery at Saïd Business School with Dr Marc Ventresca. Cyrille joined the group of Dr Akane Kawamura as a postdoctoral researcher in order to further explore his interest in the field of histone demethylases and gene regulation. Beyond the realms of scientific research, Cyrille enjoys practicing Sul Ki Do, music, and spending time with his friends.
Picture of Hannah

Hanna Tarhonskaya

Cancer Research UK
Picture of Bhaskar

Bhaskar Bhushan


D.Phil. Students

Picture of Rebecca

Rebecca Hancock

British Heart Foundation CRE

Becky is in the third year of her DPhil, studying on the BHF CRE Cardiovascular Medicinal Chemistry programme and supervised by Dr Akane Kawamura and Dr Emily Flashman. She is investigating the effect of changing oxygen concentrations on the KDM4 subfamily of JmjC-histone demethylases, and the implications this may have on epigenetic regulation in cardiovascular diseases. Her work spans in vitro and cellular aspects, and sees her dividing her time between the Departments of Chemistry and Cardiovascular Medicine.

Becky did her undergraduate degree at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, and undertook her Part II with Professor Chris Schofield, using fluorescence techniques to study the mechanism of the HIF hydroxylase PHD2. Her enthusiasm for mixing things together extends to her life outside the lab, where she is a fervent cook, and an even more fervent restaurant-goer! As well as food, she enjoys languages, drama and science communication, and is currently a Section Editor for Phenotype, the Oxford University Biochemistry Society’s magazine, along with writing a blog about the science of food, entitled The Periodic Tablecloth.

Picture of Kate

Kate Dunne

British Heart Foundation CRE
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Rachel Schiller

Pfizer/Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science DTC
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Roman Belle

Picture of Bobojon

Bobojon Nazarov

Systems Approaches to Biomedical Science DTC


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Joanna Bonnici

Research Assistant
Cancer Research UK
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Olly King

Research Administrator
Vice Chancellor's Diversity Fund

Olly received his BSc. in biology from the University of Nottingham before completing a D.Phil. in materials science at the University of Oxford on biomimetic coatings for orthopaedic implants. Prior to joining Dr. Kawamura's lab, he worked at the Structural Genomics Consortium in Oxford in both the phosphorylation-dependent signalling and the chemical biology groups and then in Prof. Chris Schofield's group as part of a team generating chemical probes to be used against the histone lysine demethylase enzymes.

In his free time, Olly enjoys running, photography, travel and fiddling with computers.

Past Members

Picture of Sophie

Sophie Williams

M.Sc. (Res.) 2012-2013
M.Chem Part II 2010-2011
Picture of Molly

Molly Went

M.Chem Part II 2013-2014
Picture of Richard

Richard Hopkinson

Postdoc 2013
British Heart Foundation